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- Acupuncture
- Akashic records
- Albertus Magnus
- Alchemy
- Alien Abduction
- Almas
- Angels
- Animism
- Apparition
- Area 51
- Argyria
- Atlantis
- Elizabeth Bathory
- Bennington triangle
- Bermuda triangle
- Bigfoot
- Bigfoot 911 call
- Cattle mutilation
- Celts
- Chupacabras
- Clairvoyance
- Collective Unconscious
- Conjoined Twins
- Dark Knight Curse
- de Loys' ape
- Demons A to Z
- Gilles de Rais
- Marquis de Sade
- Devil's footprints
- Elephant Man
- Exorcism
- Exorcist: the True Story
- Faggot
- Famous Freaks
- Flat Earth Society
- Flying Saucers
- the Fox sisters
- Ed Gein
- Glossalalia
- God(s)
- Grimorium Varum
- Betty and Barney Hill
- Hoover letter
- Hope diamond curse
- Inquisition
- In Search Of: Bigfoot
- Matthew Hopkins
- King James I
- Joan of Arc
- Judge Crater mystery
- King Solomon's mines
- Knights Templar
- Lake Champlain monster
- Leprosy
- Ley Lines
- Lilith
- Lincoln - Kennedy coincidences
- Living Fossils
- Loch Ness monster
- London Monster
- Lone Gunmen pilot
- Loveland frog
- Lucid dreaming
- Mad gassers
- Mandrake
- Cotton Mather
- Minnesota Iceman
- Mokele Mbembe
- Mongolian death worm
- Mothman
- Moving coffins of Barbados
- Mu and Lemuria
- Oliver
- Out of Body Experience
- Pareidolia
- Rat King
- Roswell newspaper articles
- Issei Sagawa
- Serpo story
- Shroud of Turin
- Soul
- Springheel Jack
- Stigmata
- Stonehenge
- Thunderbird
- U.F.O.
- Unicorns
- Vampires
- Vlad Dracula
- Voodoo
- Werewolves
- Wicca
- Witch's broom
- Yeti
- Zombies
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If you have a paranormal story or photograph you'd like to share in this section, please contact us! (All stories are presented completely anonymously; photographic credit can be given if desired.

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